Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jenn's Just a thought

I am tired of missing church. It is an oasis from this world. (well...the little kids keep it real.)

I think Heaven has:
Crying babies,
Mommies hushing lullabies into little ears in the hallways,
Frustrated Dads who are trying to keep a prayer in their heart, since they can't hear themselves think.
Silly Young Women who look at the Young Men, with dreamy eyes and vice/versa.
Couples who look longingly at little families and wondering were the time goes.
The Couple wonders, but they still have dreamy eyes for one another. (Heaven wouldn't be Heaven to me without dreamy eyes, my honey's hands to hold and a baggie of cheerios.)
You can make up your own Heavens. Just put in the basics (prayer,church,family)and mix in humor. The humor pretty much mixes itself. Add "dreamy eyes" as needed. Kisses can be added aswell...and not just the chocolate kind. ;)